Enjoy our 1-on-1 Muay Thai training at the comfort of your home or at our gym.

Our private Muay Thai lessons offer the same intensive training that you find in our gyms but at the comfort of your home.

When you don't have time to constantly travel to the gym, you can rest easy knowing that our personal trainers have you covered.

We provide private Muay Thai classes at the comfort of your home and we do our best to meet your schedule.


60 mins per session
Personal Training at your Location
Inclusive of Transport
Inclusive of Pads & Gloves for Training

1 Pax Trial: $125
2 Pax Trial: $190

Month to Month
1 Session a week: $560 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,080 per month

12 Months Package
1 Session a week: $520 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,000 per month

Month to Month
1 Session a week: $760 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,360 per month

12 Months Package
1 Session a week: $600 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,120 per month

We also conduct Personal Training at our Individual Gyms.

Why Should You Choose JR Muay Thai Private Training Lessons?

You have family, or work / student obligations that conflict with the gym training schedule

You want to train and perfect a particular Muay Thai skill individually. This is the same way as a student schedules private tuition for a specific subject

If you have aspirations of competing in a Muay Thai tournament, and you would like an instructor to help you prepare for the tournament

You want to get the best out of your training and time and advance your Muay Thai skills at the pace that you desire

All the above are circumstances that we deal with on a daily basis. If any one of them describes you, we can certainly help you out. Sign up for our private training classes and let our professional private trainers handle the rest.

Our private Muay Thai lessons are available to kids, men and women alike. It is offered to Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Benefits of Muay Thai Private Classes?

The benefit of our Muay Thai private lessons is the amount of attention you get from our personal trainers. Because the trainer is concentrated on you at that particular time, you get all of his attention.

He will be in a better position to notice your strengths and weaknesses and address them forthrightly. As a result, the rate of your learning is accelerated and you get to learn a lot of Muay Thai techniques in a very short span of time.

Our Muay Thai private classes offer the same level of intensive training that we provide in our gym and more. With private classes, you get to interact on a personal basis with our instructors.

More Reasons For You To Choose Private Sessions Over Group Training


Most of the times, you can arrange a schedule that perfectly fits into your weekly or daily schedules. If you do not have time to attend Muay Thai classes in the gym, private training is the way to go.

Instant Feedback

Because of the one-on-one relationship that exist between the instructor and the trainee, you get instant feedback on your progress. This is usually not possible in public training where the instructor is dealing with a large group of students.

Game development

We all have different capabilities and our game in the ring is usually different. By training with a private trainer, you can easily discover the style of your game and the instructor will help you develop it maximally.

Get Started Now!

Our instructors are always available to help you get started. Simply sign up for our private Muay Thai training and you can get started as soon as a few hours from now!


Join us in growing healthier and fitter.

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