Muay Thai Workshop Singapore

We customize Muay Thai Workshops for Private Groups as well as Corporate clientele.

We have experience in conducting Muay Thai classes for school children from 4 years to 12 years old as well as Secondary School Level. If you are looking at organising an exciting Sports Activity for the students as part of your school's camp, we are able to provide such service as well.

Our Professional Muay Thai trainers will head to your location to conduct the workshop. If you do not have a suitable venue, we can hold it at our gym compound too.

Our Muay Thai lessons are also suitable for companies who are looking into Team Bonding and Sporty activities, whether it is on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

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What is Muay Thai?

There are enormous forms of martial arts developed in various cultures and each has its own significance. One of these arts is Muay Thai that is often termed as “the art of eight limbs”.

The caption itself defines much about the martial art form. The idea behind the “eight limbs” refers to the usage of the limbs in such a way that it doubles the strength and force.

The whole form is focused on eight points of the body and hands are used as sword and dagger. This art form also resembles boxing up to some extent.

Why Muay Thai?

The body is developed in such a way that the shins and forearms become armor to defend any sort of attack and the elbows are used like the hammer to hit the opponents. Similarly, the legs and knees are used as axe and staff.

So, the basic idea of conducting a Muay Thai Workshop is to train the learner to use the body as one unit and the limbs as eight weapons. The history of the Muay martial art dates back to the 16th century and flourished in the 19th century in the Rama dynasty in Thailand.

It is now quite popular in Singapore and a lot of kids and adults are interested in the same. This has become a good practice that not only suffices the needs of gym related training but also provides an opportunity for physical workouts at home.

Why Join JR Muay Thai's Workshop?

There are two different techniques that are prevailing these days which include the Mae mai and luk. The common idea in both the techniques is to exchange the blows and let down the opponent.

It is important to take formal training from the learned instructor to grasp the exact zest of the art.

Our Muay Thai Workshop is committed to impart the training in such a way that you not only develop perfection in this art form but also find the right path to progress on your own, if you have regular trainings.

If you are looking at ad-hoc workshop, students will be able to grasp techniques and get a good idea of what Muay Thai is about.

Advantages of Joining Our Workshop

Muay Thai is not confined only to the cultural martial art and the national sport of Thailand but has gained popularity as the wholesome fitness program and being loved by the majority of the students and parents in Singapore.

One of the advantages of learning Muay Thai from us is that you will be trained under the guidance of professionally qualified trainers.

We will assess your progress right on the basis of your entry in the workshop modules.

We are flexible to conduct the Muay Thai Workshops in Singapore at any place of the customer’s choice e.g. schools, studios etc. One of the biggest reasons for choosing us is that we are certified by the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Singapore (AMAS).

If you are eager to learn this art form but have no idea where to start, you can start right from the beginning. Even those with no fight experience and any background can learn here right from the beginning and reach the heights of perfection.

From the beginning of the basics, we train the aspirants on all the aspects of boxing and help you understand the concepts in our classes. If you are looking for learning authentic Muay Thai, this is the right place for you.