Actualize Your Martial Art Dreams with a Certified Muay Thai Trainer in Singapore

Muay Thai is a top martial art, complex in nature yet simple when mastered. By taking on the services of a Muay Thai trainer from us, you too can join the elite group of Muay Thai specialists and claim your spot among the enthusiastic Muay Thai fighters of modern times.


60 mins per session
Personal Training at your Location
Inclusive of Transport
Inclusive of Pads & Gloves for Training

1 Pax Trial: $125
2 Pax Trial: $190

Month to Month
1 Session a week: $560 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,080 per month

12 Months Package
1 Session a week: $520 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,000 per month

Month to Month
1 Session a week: $760 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,360 per month

12 Months Package
1 Session a week: $600 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,120 per month

We also conduct Personal Training at our Individual Gyms.

Why Muay Thai?

Muay Thai has been alive from the early eras that were characterized by regular battles and wars. Then, it was a battlefield skill used by Thai soldiers to defend their land. Today, the war art is a lot more modernized and well regulated.

  • By learning Muay Thai, you are equipping yourself with crucial defense skills that can be applied in any number of distress moments.
  • You can also learn this art form as a way of expanding your personal development goals.
  • Regular partaking of Muay Thai will boost your fitness and help enhance your overall wellness. This alone is worth the effort any day.

The Muay Thai Trainer You Choose Makes All The Difference

There is a way to do Muay Thai, and you can learn it well from a Muay Thai trainer. A good trainer will equip you with all the techniques you need to be an outstanding Muay Thai specialist. Whether you are learning the sport for fun or as a way of internalizing a few defense mechanisms, you need a knowledgeable trainer to take you through the steps.

Get a qualified Muay Thai trainer in Singapore who will:

  • Coach you on Muay Thai etiquette. The Dos and Don’ts of the sport and the meaning each holds for the natives of Thailand.
  • Teach you the different Muay Thai moves and techniques. These moves are unique to Muay Thai and while they may bear semblance to other common kick boxing techniques, they have distinct twists that make them stand out and add to the mystique of Muay Thai.
  • Give you specialist training. Every move you learn. Every technique you are taught. You learn to do it the correct way. At the end of the training, you can walk into any Muay Thai stadium in Singapore and compete with experienced locals and not look like a novice.

What You Come Out Of It With

By the end of your training, your Muay Thai Singapore trainer will ensure that you can:

  • Throw a push kick so well it will catch your opponent unaware and give you a little time to recover during the bout all the time.
  • Make quick spinning back, horizontal and vertical elbow movements that will disengage your opponent and ready you for your next move.
  • Dish out a range of perfect Muay Thai knee strikes, guaranteed to leave your opponent struggling to regain their support every time.
  • Plus tens of other basic and advanced techniques that you only find in Muay Thai.

Take your chance, engage a skilled Muay Thai trainer with us  and turn into a professional in no time!

Job Opportunities for Muay Thai Trainers

  • Freelance Personal Trainer

Currently we are looking for freelance personal trainers who are able to work at different timings and locations according to our clients needs and schedules. Trainers must have sufficient knowledge in Muay Thai Martial Arts and training experience. Trainers will have the responsibility of coaching individuals on a one-on-one session in fitness and in technique.

Trainers are to observe and advise to help improve our clients techniques and movement and turn him/her into a pro in the long run.

  • Freelance Muay Thai Trainer

If you are a freelance Muay Thai Trainer looking to join our band of professional experts or for some business opportunities, we are here to help you! We can provide you with clients at your leisure and time. Feel free to contact us through our business contact form on the right!


Join us in growing healthier and fitter.

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