Have you been looking for the best Muay Thai Personal Trainer in Singapore? Your search ends now.

We offer customized Muay Thai Personal Training to all groups of people in Singapore. Women, men and kids alike can benefit from the training offered by our personal trainers.

Training is suitable for Beginners, Intermediate as well as Advanced levels. Our Instructors will be able to assess your level during your Trial class.

Why Muay Thai?

Muay Thai, a martial art that originated from Thailand, combines thorough fitness training with self-defense combat techniques. The martial arts uses punches, shins, knees, elbows and kicks. Unlike other martial arts, Muay Thai makes use of almost all the muscles in your body to deliver explosive and highly effective blows to your opponent.

While you can pick a few basics of Muay Thai from watching training DVD’s, you can also pick up the skills over time through Muay Thai Group Classes. But a quick and effective way will ultimately be by having a Muay Thai personal trainer to help you solidify your skills. In fact, the best way to start learning Muay Thai in Singapore is actually to hire a personal trainer. Fortunately, our Personal Muay Thai training program has room for a few more trainees.


60 mins per session
Personal Training at your Location
Inclusive of Transport
Inclusive of Pads & Gloves for Training

1 Pax Trial: $125
2 Pax Trial: $190

Month to Month
1 Session a week: $560 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,080 per month

12 Months Package
1 Session a week: $520 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,000 per month

Month to Month
1 Session a week: $760 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,360 per month

12 Months Package
1 Session a week: $600 per month
2 Sessions a week: $1,120 per month

We also conduct Personal Training at our Individual Gyms.

Muay Thai Training for Kids, Men and Women

Our Muay Thai Personal Training program in Singapore is structured to suit individual needs of the recruits. The program will help you learn Muay Thai at an accelerated rate. This is because of the thorough training offered by our trainers. The training is intense with constant monitoring to ensure that you are actually getting what is taught.

Over the past few years, we have worked with people in all age groups-both men and women. We also train kids who are interested in learning Muay Thai. Our Muay Thai training will show you step by step how to condition your body to take in workout pressure. As a result, you get to put your body into perfect shape, and lose unnecessary fat.

Joining our Personal Muay Thai training program is a great way to burn extra calories, boost you confidence, get well-toned muscles and have incredible fun when you are at it. Our Muay Thai personal trainers in Singapore will teach you how to use Muay Thai for self-defense and as a workout routine. The training starts by imparting the basics of Muay Thai.

Once you have learned the basics, you will learn how to use Muay Thai in one-on-one combat. By the time you are done with the training, you will have learned how to fight like a real Thai fighter with perfect and realistic combinations. You can then proceed to the next level of martial arts.

What Our Muay Thai Personal Trainers Teach You

Honestly speaking, we offer the most thorough Muay Thai training in Singapore. Here are a few of the things you will learn from our personal trainers:

  • Proper stance footwork and always maintaining your fighting guard position
  • All the techniques and tactics of Muay Thai including how to fight using punches, elbows, knees and kicks
  • Have fun training with punching bags and pads
  • Conditioning your body to take exerted workouts
  • And much more

If you want to learn Muay Thai from a personal trainer who really cares about your progress, sign up for our program today!


Join us in growing healthier and fitter.

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