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Muay Thai is about the art of eight limbs; using eight points of contact the body.  It makes use of  two points (fists) and four points (hands and feet) to punch, kick, strike. 

MMA is Mixed Martial arts; full-contact combat sport, incorporating techniques from kickboxing, wrestling, judo, Brazilian jujitsu (BJJ), karate, Muay Thai.

Some of the techniques being taught includes sparring, striking, grappling, takedowns, submissions. A great form of workout and self-defense lessons to enhance stamina, strength, toning your body, endurance.

 We have two gym location to serve both East and West siders.

With our gym full-equipped with punching bags, pads, gloves and fully air-conditioned, all you need is just to bring yourself, towel and bottled water.

As training would be conducted barefooted, you do not need to prepare shoes specially for the lesson.

Our Schedule

Raffles Place

Every Wednesdays: 830pm to 930pm

Bukit Batok

Every Tuesdays: 8pm to 930pm

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