Welcome to the world of Muay Thai! If you are new to the combat sport, you will need to find a Muay Thai gym where you can grow your skills with trainers who will oversee your training.

JR Muay Thai collaborates with top gyms in Singapore to bring you several locations to train at. Pricing and packages are exactly the same whether you book through us or with the gym directly.

How to Choose a Muay Thai Gym in Singapore?

If what you are looking for is a Muay Thai gym where the trainers are not only certified Muay Thai professionals but also friendly and understanding, you should consider signing up for our Muay Thai training program in Singapore.

Why should you enroll in our Muay Thai Gym?

  • Our private training rates are very reasonable
  • All our trainers are highly qualified, experienced and certified by the (AMAS)
  • Our gyms are fully equipped to train men, women and children alike
  • Are gyms are located around Singapore. Choose your most preferred location!

There are loads of benefits of enrolling for Muay Thai at our gyms. Regardless of your level, age or gender, we can cater to you. Enroll with JR Muay Thai today and train in the real combat Muay Thai sport that originated from Thailand.

Check Out Our Gyms Near You

Muay Thai @ Katong

Muay Thai @ Katong, Joo Chiat (Female Only)

Muay Thai @ Queensway

Muay Thai @ Bugis

Muay Thai @ Clark Quay

Muay Thai & MMA @ Raffles Place

Muay Thai @ Bukit Batok

Muay Thai @ Jurong West

Why Choose Us?

  • Learn from Certified Muay Thai Instructors in Singapore

This is probably the very first thing you should check for before enrolling for classes in any gym. Training in Muay Thai alone is not enough to qualify one as an instructor. All instructors in our Muay Thai camp are certified. They are highly qualified and have years of experience.

  • Cost-friendly Muay Thai Training

Price is an important factor to consider when you are signing up for Muay Thai training programs in Singapore. Oftentimes, the most expensive gyms have the promise of having the best trainers and facilities. If you are looking to get real value for your money, we have various private training packages available. Our private trainers will give you the best possible training at the most reasonable price.

  • Facilities

Muay Thai as a sport focuses on technique, power and body conditioning. Therefore, learning Muay Thai without the right tools is impossible.  At the minimum, every Muay Thai gym should have sufficient space, punching bags, Thai pads, boxing gloves, focus mitts and mats. Our gym has these and many more. Our facility is fully equipped for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man, woman or a kid. We have the right kind of tools for each class of people.

  • Gym Locations

You should choose a gym in a convenient location. Time is precious to all of us, a lot of time will be wasted commuting to a faraway gym. It may be difficult to juggle between training and your other daily tasks. Additionally, there will be money spent commuting to such a gym.

  • Private Training at your Convenience

Our private trainers can also head over to your preferred location or home for the session, saving you precious time. Pads and gloves will be provided.

Start Off with a Trial Today! Contact us now.

JR Muay Thai collaborates with top gyms in Singapore to bring you several locations to train at.

Pricing and packages are exactly the same whether you book through us or with the gym directly.


$35Group Trial
$35Group Trial


$20Group Trial
$20Group Trial


$36Group Trial x2
$36Group Trial x2


$25Group Trial
$25Group Trial


$25Group Trial
$25Group Trial

KATONG (Mixed)

$35Group Trial
$35Group Trial

KATONG (Mixed)

$80Private Trial
$80Private Trial
  • Trial: 40 mins

KATONG (Female)

$68Private Trial
$68Private Trial
  • Trial: 60 mins


$125Private Trial
$125Private Trial
  • Trial: 60 mins


Join us in growing healthier and fitter.

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Katong (Group, PT & Corporate)

Queensway (Group, PT & Corporate)
Bugis (Group & Corporate)
Clark Quay (Group, PT & Corporate)
Raffles Place (PT)

Bukit Batok (Group)
Jurong West (Group)

PT & Corporate

Group Trials: 2-Day Notice Required
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