Gone are the days when combat sports were a reserve for the tough guys in the neighborhood.

Today, more and more ladies are joining the realm of combat sports.

Muay Thai, especially, seems to have won a soft spot in many female’s hearts. Judging by the number of women who have expressed interest to join my Muay Thai training camp, I would say that women in Singapore are taking up Muay Thai big time!

Don’t be left behind.

Join our Muay Thai for Ladies Class at our gym located at Katong, Joo Chiat available for Private Trainings.

Is Muay Thai for Female?

Most of the ladies signing up for Muay Thai classes in Singapore are looking to jazz up their lives with a sport that also promises to make their bodies leaner, immaculately toned and more attractive.

Others want to build their self-confidence skills while a majority others have realized the intrinsic health and fitness benefits that Muay Thai adds to their lives. Whichever the reason, there is no debating that Muay Thai training is the next big thing in Singapore.

What Does Muay Thai for Ladies Offer ?

If you are considering joining a Muay Thai gym in Singapore, you definitely want to know what is in it for you. We provide many benefits to reap from joining our group or personalized Muay Thai training program. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider joining us!

  • Build your social circle with like-minded women

Imagine the joy of being in a group of female friends whose thinking seems to be in sync with yours! This is what you get when you join our Muay Thai classes. Many of the women who join Muay Thai gyms share the similar ideals and values in life.

Joining our Muay Thai training camp is a great way to build your social circle.

  • Learning Muay Thai for self-defense

We live in a very shady world, where attacks can happen almost spontaneously. Be it domestic violence or a street mugging, with a few basic Muay Thai tactics, you can manage to thwart an attacker. This is called self-defense. You will feel nice to know that you are not completely helpless if an attack was imminent on you. Sign up for our Muay Thai training program today!

  • Loss weight and stay fit

Nothing matters more to you than your health. You probably know that high cholesterol in the blood is not good for your health. You also know that looking leaner is the in-thing nowadays.

By joining our Muay Thai training program, you can manage to kill two or three birds with the same stone.

Muay Thai is enjoyable as a past time. It will make you look leaner and attractive, and you won’t have to worry of staying unfit. Join us for a trial class to begin your journey in our Muay Thai training program right now.

Do you need more reasons why you should start training Muay Thai? Start training Muay Thai today and fight yourself to a fitter, leaner and more attractive body!


Join us in growing healthier and fitter.

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