Why Enroll Your Kid Into Our Muay Thai Training Program?

In an age when bullying seems to be the norm of the day, parents in Singapore need to ensure that their kids have the right skills to bully-proof themselves.

During your kid’s formative years, it is important that he does not become a victim of bullying. Bullying scars can last forever, destroying your kids’ confidence and self-esteem.

Our gym located at Jurong West provides Muay Thai Lessons for Kids from 7 to 11 years old.

Muay Thai, one of the world’s most popular martial arts, could be all that your children needs to build confidence and stand against bullies at school and at other social places. Your child gets confidence, discipline, focus, mental strength and much more.

The bottom-line of a Muay Thai kid’s training program is not to make your kid violent but to bully-proof him or her.

Muay Thai increases the self-confidence of the kids and subsequently minimizes the chances that the kid will be picked on by bullies. A kid who is self-confident also does not see the value of using violence to solve bullying.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Kid With JR Muay Thai

  • Self-defense against bullies
  • Life skills to stand out in all areas of your kids life
  • A healthy, productive and happy lifestyle
  • Build strong friendships and social skills
  • Discipline, mental strength confidence and focus.
  • Authentic World Champions and instructors
  • Excellence of mind, spirit and body

What Will Your Kid Learn During our Training Program?

Our Muay Thai training programs offer kids a sturdy foundation in martial arts, leading to a well-rounded individual. The main goal of the programs is to equip your kid with life-skill through martial arts practice.

The instructors combine self-defense techniques, physical education and cardiovascular conditioning to help improve your child’s coordination, agility, and motor skills.

Contrary to popular belief, Kids’ Muay Thai training programs do not make them violent.

Our kids’ program is based on a principle that bullying and violence can be handled through non-violent techniques. Your kid will gain the confidence needed to take control of his/her life and confront bullies in proven and safe manner.

Muay Thai training programs also aid your kid to develop crucial values and character traits.

Muay Thai Competitions and Contests For Kids

If your kid’s dream is to contend in local or international Muay Thai contests, our training programs will prepare him or her child for the best and toughest Asian and worldwide championships. Kids who are adequately trained in Muay Thai often compete in local BJJ circuits.

Our Kids’ Muay Thai Training Program

History indicates martial arts is a superb teacher for kids to learn life-skills such as mental strength, discipline, hard work, focus, confidence, teamwork, integrity and much more. The skills taught in kids’ Muay Thai training programs continually sharpen your child physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Whether it is improving techniques promoting self-confidence, building strong foundation, or improving techniques for the future, our Muay Thai kids’ program is designed to produce customized tangible results for kid’s benefit. If there is one worthy investment you can make for your kid right now, it is to sign them for our Muay Thai training program! We are able to take children of ages 7 to 11 years old into our classes.


Join us in growing healthier and fitter.

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