You may have considered taking Muay Thai Classes up but you are not too sure if you are cut out for it.

Well, what if I said you can easily learn Muay Thai in Singapore and not just learn it, but excel in it too? Best believe it.

At JR Muay Thai, we collaborate with top gyms in Singapore to bring you several Muay Thai Gym Locations to train at for your convenience. Pricing and packages are exactly the same whether you book through us or with the gym directly. Trial prices are very very affordable.

It May Be Hard but It Is Doable

Telling you that learning Muay Thai will be a walk in the park will be telling a big lie. However, even with the exertion it will require on your part, the benefits will be worth it. Like all martial arts, Muay Thai requires tact, skill and focus.

This means you will need to dedicate yourself to training a few times a week to master the basic and advanced Muay Thai techniques, after which you will be confident in your Muay Thai ability.

Choose the Best Muay Thai Classes in Singapore

Muay Thai is all the rage right now and it would be a shame to miss out on an opportunity to learn this amazing fighting technique. We provide you with variety of Muay Thai Classes to suit your schedule and your budget. If you have zero Thai boxing knowledge, start your training from the beginner’s level.

Here, you learn the basics of Muay Thai, right from how to conduct yourself in the ring, simple etiquette and basic moves such as a Muay Thai stance, jab, knees and kicking techniques.

Why Choose JR Muay Thai?

- Muay Thai engages your body, mind and soul to deliver a thorough work out that is invigorating. It’s also a great way to boost your alertness and focus.

- Muay Thai works out your entire body as all its various moves call for full body movement.

- Muay Thai empowers you with proven defense skills that can come in handy when you need to protect yourself during an attack.

- Our trained and experienced Muay Thai specialists will coach and equip you with all the skills you need to practice Muay Thai.

- Learn at your pace and ask all the questions you want to about the sport, if you opt for Personal Training.

- Enjoy personalized or group coaching in a friendly environment.

Plenty of Benefits in Store for you

Learning Muay Thai with JR Muay Thai comes with a number of benefits.

  • You will love how leaner and fitter you look and feel after a few weeks.
  • The leaner, fitter body you get gives you an immense boost in how you feel and lifts your spirits so you’re in a good mood most of the day.
  • You acquire classic defense skills that you can put to use when need be.
  • You become so good at Muay Thai that you can confidently participate in fighting bouts for fun, cash or fame.
  • You learn one more way to spend your free time.
  • In addition to learning a killer martial art, you also to learn a bit of the Thai culture. After all, there is no Muay Thai without the Thais.

The time you spend learning Muay Thai will be one of the few moments in life you can fully account for with no regrets.

Order of Learning

Our Muay Thai classes are typically sub-divided into sessions. The entire training period will vary depending on whether you have any Muay Thai knowledge or not. Plan to cover at least 35 sessions to qualify as a Muay Thai fighter.

Your sessions can be fewer or more depending on how much training the instructor gives you in a session. It may also be influenced by how fast you learn, and whether you want to spend more time learning particular techniques.

Our Muay Thai training program is quite flexible and allows you to learn at your pace. The timings too are flexible. Depending on your chosen program, you can go for morning, afternoon or evening Muay Thai classes.

What the Muay Thai Syllabus Looks Like

Again, this may vary from one training program to another and from instructor to instructor. Overall though, expect your program to go something like this:

  • A few minutes of warm up.
  • Skipping (usually for up to 5 minutes)
  • Push ups
  • Legwork (usually leg raises)
  • Bag work (Up to 3 or more rounds of a few combinations. Follow your instructors lead)
  • Pad work (One or more rounds depending on level)
  • Light sparring
  • Cool down

Your specific training may differ from the above steps but it will generally be a variation of these.

How Long You Will Train

Our Muay Thai classes range from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

You can opt for lengthy or shorter training sessions. Your trainer will most probably set the timings. And these are determined by how intense the specific moves covered in the session are. Less involving techniques can go for longer while more intensive moves may last fewer minutes.

It may be difficult to persevere two hours of hard Muay Thai training. Two hours of light sparring and other non-intensive exercises, on the other hand, isn’t hard to do.

Bear in mind that your physical fitness will have a bearing on how long you can train in one go. If you are fit, doing long sessions will be pretty easy. If your fitness level is average, start with shorter, less intensive sessions and then progress to longer, tougher sessions as you get fitter.


Join us in growing healthier and fitter.

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