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6 Super Resources to Empower Your MMA and Muay Thai Tactics

Muay Thai is one of the most sought-after martial arts training. Everyone is looking for a good training program. Ask your friends on social media or email whether they would take an offer to train in Muay Thai.  Most of them will gladly accept the chance.

The only problem lies in finding genuine Muay Thai masters who will take your hand and guide you through it all. On this page, I will shed light on some of the best resources that I have used while training and that you can also use.

1.   The Heavy Bag Blueprint

One of the best ways to practice Muay Thai without leaving your garage gym is to practice on a Heavy training bag. But do you know that you are leaving a lot of potential unutilized on your heavy bag?

I was making the same mistake before I bought the Heavy Bag Blueprint.

The Heavy Bag Blueprint is the most complete set of Muay Thai Training Videos ever created. IN the DVD, Sean Fagan, one of the most respected names in the Muay Thai industry shows you exceptional tips, tricks and tweaks that will let you finally get the best out of your heavy weight training bag.

Click here to learn more!

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2.   Clinch King

The Clinch is one of the most powerful moves in Muay Thai. Unfortunately, many beginners shy away from the clinch. It can be hard to master, but not when you have Sean Fagan’s Clinch King training videos.

As always, Sean Fagan does not disappoint in this powerful resource. If you have a genuine desire to learn the clinch and become unstoppable on the ring, this training course is for you. You will learn how to end your kicks and strikes in a clinch, how to strike using your knees and elbows as well as sweep moves that will catch all your opponents in surprise.

Find out more HERE.

3.   Thailand Guidebook for Muay Thai Lovers

If you are serious about perfecting your Muay Thai, you’ve probably thought of visiting Thailand. It is the land of the Muay Thai masters, but unfortunately, it can also be expensive and believe it or not, there are scammers even in Thailand!

If you are headed there, you can either take your chances or you can buy an awesome Thailand Guidebook that will enlighten you on what to expect once you alight from your plane.

Bill moved to Thailand nearly 10 years ago. He has spent his time there training in Muay Thai and analyzing the training gyms. If there is one guy who knows exactly which Muay Thai gym will be perfect for you in Thailand, it has to be Bill.

But his guidebook does not stop there.

The guidebook digs deeper into every aspect of moving and living in Thailand. There is an elaborate section on which type of Visa will best suit you and an analysis of the Thailand neighborhoods that will be best for you.

4.   An all-in-one MMA & Muay Thai Resource

There are a few things that every successful Muay Thai fighter does right: Workouts and Nutrition. Unfortunately, the information you find on the internet on Muay Thai workouts and diet is very contrasting.

Instead of reading contrasting article after article on the internet, your best bet will be to pick an all-in-one resource that has been proven to work. Funk and Flex’s MMA is such a resource. Grab your copy now!

5.   The Lean Performance Diet

How do you lose weight without losing your power and strength? There is only one way t0 find out. James Bee, is a fitness coach and the author of The Lean Performance Diet. In this incredible resource, James shares with you some of the weight loss secrets that pro athletes use.

James shows you how to lose weight in 20 days or less and the foods that you need to eat in order to maintain power and strength.

You can get James awesome presentation here.

6.   Damage Control MMA Training Academy

I have been a member of Brian’s and Brandon’s MMA Academy, and I can tell you, these guys know their stuff. They are the guys behind most of the MMA success stories you hear in your hood.

The academy has more than 100 videos and new ones are added on a monthly basis. If you’ve ever dreamed of making your opponent tap out every time you get your grip on them, if you’ve ever imagined yourself never having to be KOed, you will need to sign into the Damage Control MMA academy.


Although there are a few other Muay Thai resources scattered here and there, the above mentioned Muay Thai training videos and resources are by far the best there is.

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