Learn Muay Thai Singapore

With JR Muay Thai, you will learn all you need to know about Muay Thai in Singapore.

Since its origin in traditional Thailand, Muay Thai has captivated millions decade after decade. To date, the interest remains peak high as thousands around the world join Muay Thai training each month.

If you want to give the sport a shot, learning Muay Thai in Singapore with JR Muay Thai offers the best training prospects for you.

Muay Thai Regulation in Singapore

Training of Muay Thai is highly regulated in Singapore. All trainers and instructors go through the Muay Thai Institute, a national institution that was established back in 1997 solely to offer professional training to Muay Thai instructors, referees and boxers.

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The institute, along with the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) is charged with ensuring that the stipulated high standards of training and practice are maintained across the country. By learning Muay Thai in Singapore therefore, you are assured of getting the highest quality of training possible anywhere in the world.

The Training Environment

Our Muay Thai training institutes in Singapore are designed to meet world-boxing standards. Additionally, they are well equipped to train all levels of Muay Thai, right from beginner to advanced Muay Thai fighting.

When you join our Muay Thai gyms, you get access to world-class training facilities, inclusive of these:

  • Full size boxing ring
  • 30-40mm tatami mats
  • Wide training area
  • Heavy punching bags
  • Appropriate Muay Thai boxing gloves
  • Hand wraps
  • A variety of training equipment, including weights, kettle-bells, tires, bench presses, training rigs and sleds. It is important to mention that for you to master Muay Thai moves and techniques precisely, you need to be in good shape. This additional fitness equipment will help you attain the ideal fitness level to effectively learn Muay Thai.

Best Muay Thai Training Program and Trainer

Read up on what the training program offers before signing up for Muay Thai classes so that you know exactly what to expect during your training. Check your trainer’s qualifications to ascertain that they are certified to train. Check also the range of Muay Thai techniques they offer, and whether they cover all levels of specialty, from starter to advance.

This will determine whether they are a good fit for you, especially if you have some knowledge of Muay Thai. We provide all the relevant information in our website, and give you more of it when you sign up with us.

A good trainer/Muay Thai program will offer a good balance of flexibility and the intensity needed to become a pro. Go ahead and enroll for Thai boxing classes because, with a good Muay Thai training program, you will have a fantastic time learning Muay Thai in Singapore!