JR Muay Thai was born to introduce Quality Muay Thai training programs to everyone looking to learn martial arts skills.

We provide you quality Muay Thai Trainers and Services to enhance your self-defense skills, lifestyle and well being.

We understand that locations are important. That is why JR Muay Thai collaborates with top gyms in Singapore to bring you several locations to train at. Pricing and packages are exactly the same whether you book through us or with the gym directly. Through the various gyms, you can get to experience Traditional and Fitness Muay Thai.

Benefits for Joining Us?

  1. You will get leaner and lose excess fat with our Muay Thai Training Classes and Programs
  2. You will gain confidence in yourself
  3. You will learn focus and discipline
  4. You will meet new people with the same mind set as you
  5. You will not feel bored at home !
  6. You will have an improved and healthy lifestyle
  7. You will definitely learn a cool new martial art!

These are just a few benefits you will have by joining us! Check out our Muay Thai Classes and their benefits here!

Choosing to Join a Muay Thai Training Program?

Driven by a demand for martial art skills, a lot of Muay Thai training programs have sprung up in Singapore over the past few years. Some are run by very professional and talented personal trainers while others… well, lets just say that you won’t be pleased by what they have to offer.

Before you choose a Muay Thai training program in Singapore, make sure that a professional trainer runs the gym. More importantly make sure that you are right for the Muay Thai training program. Here are a few question that I ask potential Muay Thai recruits. These questions will help you identify whether you should sign up for Muay Thai classes in Singapore:

  • Do you really want to train in Muay Thai? Do you think you have what it takes?
  • Are you in intermediate level looking on how to improve your conditioning, technique and possibly gain the courage to fight in the ring?
  • Are you in an advanced Muay Thai level or are you a fighter looking on ways to gain professional experience inside the ring?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are right to sign up with a Muay Thai gym in Singapore.

Whether you have trained for just a few months or you are not happy with your shape and you want to learn Muay Thai to keep fit, or you have reached fighting level and you want to improve your Muay Thai, look no further since our Muay Thai training program in Singapore has a solution.

Three Levels of Muay Thai Recruits in Our Program

Here are three categories of fighters/athletes who you will find in Muay Thai gyms in Singapore. You probably fit in one of them and we will be glad to strike out a schedule and program that fits your level:

  • Beginners and Intermediate

These two levels usually improve very fast. The trainers in the gyms are world class and they teach with detail, repetition and patience. If you are a beginner, you need not to fret about falling behind due to lack of ability or your conditioning. Muay Thai Gyms in Singapore strive to come up with a system that will help to improve you as an individual, yet at the same time all of you as a team you are pushed together to realize one goal.

Singapore Muay Thai gyms accept students from all over the world and from all backgrounds. Children, women and men are able to train in a relaxing and safe environment through the guidance of fully qualified instructors. The main aim is to create friendly environment where gym trainers are approachable and work according to your ability.


  • Experienced Students

For the experienced students, they will get much help to progress to the next level. Most gyms are always searching for students who can get in the ring and contest to hone their skills become better fighters. This is what makes the art and sport of Muay Thai.

Whether you are a student taking Muay Thai or you have the aspirations of fighting in Singapore against other fighters in stadiums or festival events, then it is wise to join a Muay Thai gym. If you are an experienced fighter and you want to go far, our Muay Thai gyms can train you under close supervision to ensure that you realize you dream.

Contact Us For More Information & To Sign Up

Our Muay Thai training program provides an ideal and safe environment for you to realize strength and fitness. If you really want to get rid of extra cholesterol in your body, shed off the excess flabs of fat or stand up against street muggers and bullies, you need to sweat it out with our professional fitness trainers.

Our Muay Thai gyms in Singapore are open as per our schedule provided! Alternatively, you can contact us using our provided contact form and we will be glad to help you choose a gym that is right for you.

Also, if you are interested in joining us, feel free to check out the different classes we have here!


Join us in growing healthier and fitter.

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